Dorothy is not only a highly skilled accent coach but also a caring and friendly one at that.  I consulted her for a show I did recently and she took me from being nervous and doubtful to confident and in control and the results were terrific.  Highly recommend her to any actor wanting to get proficient in a dialect.  I will definitely call upon her expertise again for my next accent challenge! Thanks a million, Dorothy x.
Amy Coutts, actor, June 2019

I came to Dorothy seeking techniques and training to better manage a speech impediment I had been suffering with from a young age. The programme which she devised has given me a clarity and control of my own voice I have not enjoyed from before developing the impediment - to the extent acquaintances are surprised when I ever had this problem. I now hope to take my new found confidence and speak publicly as part of my job. All credit to Dorothy and her vocal training.
Harry Cooke, Oct 2018

Dorothy is a fantastic Voice Coach . Her lessons are incredibly personal and she caters to your every need.She quickly homes in on areas of struggle and works with you to make your weaknesses your strengths! Highly, highly recommended!
Accent training, Ben Burnman Actor ( RSC , Emmerdale)

I've worked with Dorothy for about a year before I moved out of Brighton. Dorothy is the best vocal coach I've ever had. She knew all the right techniques & exercises to help me improve the specific areas I wanted to work on. She is so lovely and patient and really understood me. It was such pleasure meeting you and working with you Dorothy!
Melis Soyaslanova, Singer , Song writer

Dorothy is an amazing voice teacher. She makes you feel completely comfortable and at ease even if you are speaking in strange accents or sticking your tongue out! I use her warm up techniques all the time and she has some fantastic exercises for calming the nerves. Dorothy's lesson are always fun and pass by so quickly as you are so absorbed in what you are doing. She is really knowledgeable about anything to do with singing, speaking and performing and she is an expert on the working of the voice. A lovely lady who I am very fortunate to know. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Claire Coull Actor

I was struck from the moment I met Dorothy by her intuitive insight into the inner workings of the body and mind’s generation of voice. She helped me reshape my voice using breathing exercises, poetry recitals, mouth muscle shape work and some profound confrontations with my inner self. Dorothy helped me make significant progress in bringing my voice to life in ways that I never imagined possible. Thanks to her, I speak with a new voice.
Steven Horner , film maker

Working with Dorothy has enabled me feel confident in expressing myself vocally in performance. She enabled to develop my voice in a safe and non-judgmental environment. We worked systematically and holistically to ensure that my voice work was underpinned by an understanding of the breath, posture, alignment and release of certain muscular tension.

Her work is supported by a sound anatomical knowledge that informed my experiential learning. Dorothy is extremely observant and intuitive of the student’s needs. The work was always detailed and sometimes quite intense in a way that pushed my learning in a short space of time yet did not leave me feeling vulnerable. I always felt able to dictate how far I wanted to push myself.

Dorothy gave thoughtful and useful exercises to practice in between classes that developed into a routine I could call my own to work through before auditions. Through the ten classes I had with her I feel enabled and excited about the possibilities of my voice. I have now had a number of offers to Drama School courses.
Joshua Maclenllan Acting student

I was so impressed with what you did, Dorothy - I couldn't see the point to start with, of doing the improv - but then I heard the results, and I have no doubt that it enabled the afternoon stuff, when we were doing the interleaving, to come to fruition on very little rehearsal. You have a knack, a gift, for bringing out people's abilities.
Dr Valerie Langfrield director of Retrospect Opera

I first worked with Dorothy April 2013, At a workshop with ACT Brighton. I was so impressed with the way she explained the process and exercise we were given at the workshop I asked her for her details. It was the best thing I have ever done. I will be working on a southern American accent next, Dorothy just helped me perfect my RP for a lead part I just played. I received good reviews.

I will continue to work with Dorothy for any part I do, or to increase what I can do.

I would recommend Dorothy to anyone who is serious about achieving the best.
Bernadette Bryan Actor

Why, if you’re a writer, would you need a voice coach? For me it was because the shift from free-wheeling academic presentations - talking to an audience and adjusting on the hoof - was a world away from reading my own material; every word, every comma, every note of which I’d considered, changed, substituted, put back, and shifted around to get the best possible rhythm and flow for a reader. I couldn’t do it: my voice froze at an uncomfortable pitch and I rushed the words out as if they might explode before I got to the end. Working with Dorothy has been a delight: never didactic or rigidly programme-driven, she teaches by listening, absorbing, seeing the problems and giving hints at how to deal with them. Extraordinarily, I’ve learned more too about how I write, the difference between reading and acting, and how to engage an audience without being distracted by them. I have a way to go still but I don’t sound like a crow on helium any more!
Suzanne Conboy-Hill Writer

The all round improvement to my vocal preparation and delivery was unmistakable. We covered posture breathing pronunciation and expression. I felt in capable hands throughout. The lessons were delivered in an accessible style and clearly set out with vocal exercises to go home with and practice. There was a definite plan each lesson building on the last and I noticed positive change from the start. I wholly recommend Dorothy Rosser’s teaching methods.
Patrick Bullock Singer/performer/Artist

 I met Dorothy Rosser at the University of Brighton whilst studying my "Performance and Visual Arts: Dance" degree. I went to her weekly singing group workshops in my second and third years. I love singing but wasn't very confident about my musical skills, not being a music student. Dorothy takes a very inclusive approach to teaching music and she encouraged me to join in with the singing group and made my contribution feel valued. I had a lot of fun singing and learning vocal techniques with her and other students.

During the last few months of the third and final year of my degree, I was fortunate to be allowed to have about 7 individual weekly session with Dorothy. I wanted help in developing spoken voice work for my degree show, which involved speaking a lot of text in different tones of voice and accents. She taught me various fun and helpful exercises that included relaxation and breathing techniques, ways to overcome performance nerves, vocal warm-ups, ways to improve my articulation, ability to change accents, knowledge about how the voice and pallet works and techniques for maintaining voice strength, tone and clarity.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Dorothy. She is a very warm and approachable teacher who has a lot of useful knowledge and skills to impart to students in an accessible, fun and helpful fashion. Her range of physically embodied vocal techniques made me feel relaxed and more confident and supported my playful approach to working. She facilitated the development of my creative ideas, my vocal skills and understanding of the voice brilliantly and she had a big impact on the quality of my work. She encouraged me to believe in my ability and to use improvisation to discover my show's characters' vocal and movement characteristics. 

I was graded a first for my degree show this June and I'm sure that the work I did with Dorothy contributed to me creating a high quality piece of performance work. I would love to be taught by Dorothy again in the future and I would definitely recommend her to fellow students and tutors at my university, as well as at other institutions. She is good at teaching and supporting students both in group and solo contexts. Martha Brown, performance art student