Voice coaching and singing coaching in Brighton, East Sussex, London - Dorothy Rosser, The Voice Box
Dorothy is a voice and singing coach in Brighton, East Sussex. She also provides voice training for Acting, Presentation Skills, Singing and Personal Development.

She helps develop dynamic vocal strength, clarity and range. The range of skills and techniques used enable participants to fulfill their performance and presentation potential, facilitating confidence, clarity and impact.

Participants are also enabled to achieve stronger, more supported voices with reduced performance anxiety. The work can be constructed and developed in line with individual needs. It includes the fundamentals of vocal progression; release and breath work, phonation, resonance and articulation, text, accent and dialect work are also available.

Dorothy has an egalitarian approach encouraging and drawing out individual inspiration, personal confidence, authenticity and energy. She creates a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Contact Dorothy if you would like more information about the individual subject areas that are available.